Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Voices In Our Heads

This cartoon from the Joy of Tech made me smile (click to enlarge):

Although most of us don't hear true "voices" we are all hearing things in a way because of the messages and beliefs stuck inside our heads. "You're a loser," "I should be better," or "I'm fat." Or maybe they are good messages like "I'm special," "God is good," or "Life is harsh but I can still be happy." Have you ever really analyzed the voices in your head and ask yourself if the message you hear is:

1. True?
2. Helpful?
3. Logical?

In counselling we call the messages we tell ourselves/hear as "self-talk" or "automatic thoughts." What are yours saying? May we all have the wisdom to dispute our voices that are not true or not doing us any good.

May Light increase!


Dayna said...

i think self-talk describes some of what goes on in my head, but what about the voice of the Holy Spirit? where does He fit in with this?

Mark said...

Hey Dayna, good question! I believe the Holy Spirit is on a completely different level. Can the Holy Spirit influence our self-talk? Absolutely. But He is superior and separate from it.

It is difficult to describe the Spirit's role in our thought life because the way He is experienced is:

1.totally subjective
2.only described in the Bible, never explained.

Also, people can be convinced the Spirit is telling them something when in fact they later find out He wasn't. I know way too many people who have tried to justify their thoughts, words, actions by saying "the Spirit told me" (like my friend who told him that the Spirit told him he was going to marry a girl and then she dumped him the next day) or the guy who thought the Spirit/God told him to do things that were either bizarre or contrary to Scripture or unity in the body. Yet . . . it is also true that the Spirit does move in and through us (although I don't believe the same way through everyone), communicating with us and also directing us. A blessing for all believers in the presence of the Spirit. Somehow we need to embrace and be open to Him but also realize our tendency as humans (our sinful nature) that allows us to mingle our desires/thoughts with the Spirit's (and get them confused).