Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Could Your Marriage Survive A Year Of Total, Brutal Honesty?

One guy tried it. Here's a bit of his tale. I am totally fascinated by this story! I will definitely read his book about the experience when it comes out. What makes this story interesting is that it assumes that pretty much everyone is dishonest in their marriages and that everyone tells white lies. I suppose this is true and that kind of depresses me! Yet here is a guy who decides to try something that is in many ways the ultimate experiment - not out of a deep faith or adherence to strong ethics but because he just wants to see what it would be like. What do you think, would you be brave enough to do it?

The idea reminds me of that classic Hollywood masterpiece Liar, Liar (OK, its not much of a masterpiece) which is also about truth telling and its impact on relationships. Is it not sad that consistently being honest seems like a crazy, radical idea? Shouldn't honesty in our relationships be the norm?


Jobina said...

Even though I totally support honesty, when you think of being 100% honest in every situation and with every single question and comment it's a bit daunting. We like to sugar-coat the truth which often turns into a lie.
I liked what the wife said though, "how many women can say that their husband never lies?" Such a man would be highly coveted I think!

Lindsay said...

No thank you :)

netablogs said...

I asked my husband if he wanted to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth for 24 hours and he said, "To be honest, no." :)