Monday, February 23, 2009

Meatless In Manitoba: Day 23

Well, the end in in sight for my little vegetarian experiment. The funny thing is that I'm kind of scared! I think it's for a few reasons:

1. I enjoyed the experience and am not sure if I want to quit this meatless things
2. I don't look forward to the "stomach adjustment" that I know will happen if I start eating meat again.
3. I'm thinking that maybe this was too easy - should I try going vegan (no meat, no dairy, no eggs) for a month?
4. What if I just go back to my high meat diet and nothing changes for me?

In lots of ways I don't think I've benefited as much from this as I could have because although I have eaten no meat, I haven't increased my veggies all that much. I have discovered that you can be a vegetarian and still eat pretty bad. Overall though, I still feel better then I did before and for that I am thankful. I estimate about 10-15% better, and if I ate even healthier (and actually exercised) I would probably feel around 20-30% better. I'm realizing that health is so much a sum of many factors:

1. Nutrition
2. Exercise
3. Sleep
4. Relationships
5. Work
6. Faith/Spirituality
7. Recreation
8. Finances

To focus on just one thing is helpful but really you need to tackle all of them to feel really big benefits. I have learned lots about the vegetarian way but one thing I have realized is that I truly dislike beans! Luckily we recently discovered lentils which are similar but taste way better. Jobina has been making some awesome curry dishes which I am also enjoying quite a bit. I don't know what else to write on the subject but perhaps something more profound will come out of my last one or two posts before the experiment is over. . .


Lee said...

Keith is not a big bean fan but black beans have grown on both of us in the last few years. I also like beans a lot more when they are mashed or crushed into a wat or daal. I do like lentils too - and they have the benefit of cooking a whole lot faster!

Sounds like you might enjoy a raw food diet - that would definitely up the veg. content!

Michele said...

I don't know if Jobina would agree with another month like that! Good luck trying to talk her into it!

Anonymous said...

Mark, you know I like you, but to say it was easy...

...your wife worked pretty hard at this last takes a lot of ingenuity and motivation to cook differently instead of doing the same old. If I don't have the whole picture I'm sorry...maybe you were right there beside her cooking up a storm and searching for recipes.

...go lavish your wife, for going on this journey with you! :o)


ps. and an unbelievable thank you for going with Bob to the pool...I laughed till I cried hearing some of the fun you guys had...I'm even jealous!

Mark said...

Jacquie, it was easy (for me)! Yes, Jobina has been stellar and gone way beyond the call of duty (which I appreciate SO MUCH) but I don't feel like as far as willpower goes it's been difficult. And no, I wasn't there looking at recipes - maybe I should have!

And I had lots of fun with Bob and the kids at the pool, thanks for inviting me!