Monday, March 23, 2009

Guest Bloggin

Good day!

Mark asked me to be his 'guest blogger' for a couple days. Having never attempted something like this before, I decided it was time to try. I would have posted yesterday, but the winter weather we're getting here knocked out my wireless ISP.

So a little intro for those who don't know who I am, I'm a friend of Mark's from his distant past. I got to know him a little in high school, and we attended the same church for some time. Even though I am 3 years younger than he, we hung in the same group in high school. OK well maybe it was more like the grade 12s tolerating my grade 9 presence, not sure. But it worked for me...

Later on, Mark and I worked at Camp Arnes (where I basically grew up from 89-95), after which he went off the Briercrest... which is where I went to elementary school back in 1987. I always find it very interesting to see that he is connected with several people that I was connected to, albeit many years earlier.

Anyways, enough reminiscence. About me.... married for almost 3 years, live near Niverville (hopefully not a flood zone!) in the country. Claim to fame? Well, Sabrina and I got married, bought a house, got a dog, and got pregnant in the first 30 days of our marriage. Since then, it hasn't slowed down terribly much, and it feels like we are just finally settling into our life here. Just before that happened though, we decided to get pregnant again, and are expecting our second child in August.

I work at Motor Coach Industries in Winnipeg, and have spent the majority of my life after high school working in business, usually in purchasing and manufacturing. Spent some time in college getting my Business Admin diploma.

There ya go. For those who didn't know me, now you kinda do. For those who know me, but haven't heard from me in ages, thats the 25 cent tour of my life.

So some of the things I find intriguing about Mark's blog include the Financial aspects, as well as the spiritual. I find I'm not terribly good at the spiritual stuff, but the financial stuff I'm OK at. Something to work on I suppose.

Anyways, thats all for now. Hopefully my internet stays up so I can post something more interesting tomorrow!

Terry in Niverville.

PS the pic is of my 2yr old daughter Samara. She looks peaceful in the pic, but it was quite the experience getting her to 'pose' for the camera. :)

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