Friday, March 6, 2009

Music To My Ears

I have been told there are two kinds of people; those who spend more on music and those who spend more on books. I'm firmly in the latter category. I would guess I spend an average of about $10 per year on music - not a lot! I don't want to even think about how much I spend on books. Basically, that's to say that music is not that important to me. When I was a teenager and college student I did listen to a fair amount but it was never high on my list of things to do.

On Tuesday I was headed out of town to a BCBC board meeting and I uncharacteristically grabbed my iPod. Half way out to my destination (about 2 hours from my home) I remembered it, set it to shuffle, and started listening. I'm not sure why, but as I listened to songs I felt my soul stirring. Does that make sense? Basically by that I mean that I started thinking and feeling thoughts about my purpose in life, God, etc. I was thinking about transcendence, things outside of the material dimension but independent of it. I was hearing the spiritual meanings in the songs I was listening to and connecting with them. It felt good.

Occasionally some Christmas songs would come up. My first inclination was to skip them - most people who know me know of my struggle with the season - but I decided to give them a try anyway. To my surprise I found myself connecting deeply with several Christmas songs - the first time in a long time! I think that being able to reflect on the meaning of Christmas outside of the distraction of the season made the beauty and joy of Christ's birth finally available to me. I felt my heart soar as I listened to "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlement" by BNL and I savoured the words "Wise men still adore him" in some late 70's Christmas music from my childhood. It was wonderful. When I got to my meeting I felt like a different person, more in touch with my heart (and my heart for God) then I usually do. When someone shared some verses in a devotional thought at the beginning of the meeting, I savoured each word. I felt elated and thoughtful.

I listened to more music on the way home and even sang along sometimes - worshipping in a way that was so unusual for me. For the first time in many moons I felt God connecting with me (and I with Him) through music. I know that music will never be one of the more prominent ways that I will connect to Him, but for that one night it was gift that I will cherish the memory of. Faith is more then just intellectual assent to things, it is also emotional connection. I think that for me music can be a powerful way to that emotional side. I want my faith to be intellectual and emotionally strong and I was reminded that night how necessary both are to my soul. Anyway, these are just some random thinking I had a few nights ago.


Michele said...

I am one who learns mostly through music so I totally relate to how you felt when you were listening to your ipod.

I hope you have more moments like that...they are precious!

Moxymama said...

Much like you I spent more on books than music. However, music is a pretty prevalent part of our lives and I can completely relate to the feeling you get when listening to a song that touches you or reaches you. It is hard to describe, but I love that feelings. It is an emotional high.

RLE said...

I connect with God through music more than anything, so I can relate to your experience. It is amazing how God has gifted people and how the combination of music and lyrics can touch you and speak to your soul and calm your spirit when you need it most.

Beautiful soul said...

Rumi said all is music. One day I discovered Deva Premal and for a while listening to her was an ah ha moment, like a portal opening up.
Now, most music i liked before has gone by the wayside, that is to say it does not pull me any more. But the inner music, though for me at least is
not so beautiful a tune or anything, has that pulling power. Everyone has this inner music/sound.