Monday, July 23, 2007


“Car sickness is the feeling you get when the monthly car payment is due” -Anonymous

Lately I've been feeling dissatisfied with one of our vehicles. It's not the obvious choice - our 92 Camry with 350,000km and rust galore. Truthfully I love that car. It's the other one, our sweet 2002 Mazda Protege 5 hatchback. Though it's a great car, it just seems small and not . . . well . . . what I want anymore.

The Camry is old and rusty but my only expectation on it is that it runs and gets me places without breaking down. It does and since it rides nice, is quiet, is powerful, and I since I don't care about the exterior I end up loving it. The Protege 5 is a sexy car, but I want it to be the perfect car and it isn't.

So my question is, how does one justify trading in one's car and getting a new one? If you have a car and it's working decently (and you haven't just had another child who won't be able to fit in the car), I find it kind of hard to justify replacing it. Cars have always been a weakness for me (the pinnacle of my materialistic leanings). I don't want to unnecessarily pick up more debt (if I upgrade) or choose something new when I have a really a fantastic overall car already. I feel blessed, yet I want more. How do you know if its justified to get a new car? I need some input here. How do you decide when its time to get a new car?

May Light increase!


Anonymous said...

John and I are also toying with trading in the car. We have done an extensive amount of travelling as of late and I have to say, a minivan is looking better and better! It's just so uncomfortable to try and stuff everything into the car and then start driving. Whoever is in the passenger seat ends up contorting like a pretzel to assist Rowan whenever she decides to scream (which, I might add, is most of the time!). Declan is getting bigger by the day and we have realized that we need more room! Soon there will be friends of the kids that want to come along when we go somewhere and I want to be the Mom that has room for them!

Anyway, I can't tell you when that choice to trade in will be right for you. I can only say that it's looking more and more like the right choice for us!

Much love to you all!


Rayna said...

Have you read my blog lately? We are in the process of looking for a new car - but only because I rear-ended someone on Friday and our Toyota Corolla (1988) will cost more to fix than it is worth. We are of the mindset that the best car for you is the one you own, so we drive them until they die! :)
BUt, as for a qualifier to getting a new car - I'd say for us it is as I described above, or when the vehicle no longer fits the needs of your family. Is there enough space for the items you haul around - is there room for the bike you want to take somewhere, etc.
But that's just my/our opinion.