Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Mixed Emotions: Part 3

The grandparents are taking the kids so Jobina and I will be "kidless" and "free" for the next two days. This kind of freedom will mean we can go out a moment's notice and just do whatever we want (those of you who have kids will understand, for the rest, sorry) and one of the things that I anticipate doing will be to spontaneously go see a movie. As my topic has been emotions, this made me think of movies that I have cried at.

Crying is not something I usually enjoy. Whether it was socialized into me, it's innately not done, or whatever, I always feel a little sheepish whenever I cry. It just feels "unmanly." Especially if I cry and Jobina says "Whoa. . . are you crying?!" Why is crying any worse then laughing (or shouting)? I think because somehow I have this belief as guy that crying makes you weak. This is of course crazy talk as you could be crying and lifting weights, crying as you replace a tranny, or crying as you beat someone up. Since crying is actually supposed to be healthy and therapeutic, I need to nip this (in a manly way) crying phobia in the bud.

Thus I will attempt to be authentic and vulnerable. What were the last movies that you cried at? Sometimes I will be watching a movie and I find myself getting misty eyed and I'm shocked. Where did that come from? Doh! Here are some movies I can distinctly remember crying at:

1. Mr. Holland's Opus: Can any guy not cry at this one? The interplay between a father and his son hit so many nerves in me, I couldn't help it. I saw this one in my teens.
2. Braveheart: OK, how many guys didn't cry at the end of this one? You know the scene, William Wallace is being tortured because he won't give in to the English. He is publicly having his entrails torn out, yet he refuses to recant. Right at the end, he's staring off into the distance and he cries out "Freeeeeddooooommmm!!!!" It's the most noble moment ever.
3. Click: this one is comedy by Adam Sandler. I was watching this one alone at my house and was suprised to find that the storyline about a Dad missing his family grow up hit me hard. I was a blubbering mess and I didn't even know why!
4. The Transformers Movie (the old one): When Optimus Prime died, my heart died as well. I don't know if I will ever recover from that. Someday when I'm 60 and in therapy, I'll be on the couch talking about Hasbro's cruelty in killing him off.

So, what movies have you cried at and why? Or am I the only one?

May Light increase!


Rayna said...

I cry in a lot of movies - too sensitive, I guess. I think it's more acceptable in our society for girls to cry though. I tend to do the same thing to Michael when he crys too, though have gotten better about questioning him in recent years as I realised that I was preventing him from showing what he was really feeling.
(He and I both cried in Mr. Holland's Opus too! I think it was when they had the concert at the end and he realised all the people he impacted. Such a good movie.)

Rayna said...

Oops - forgot to say that those people were his "opus".

Mark said...

Rayna: thanks for commenting. Hmm . .. what is too sensitive I wonder? Somehow we have this idea in our heads that if we cry to more then a certain number of things then something is wrong and we are too sensitive. Interesting. I have a friend who thinks the same way about himself. He says that every time he leads worship he cries. He feels deep shame over this, and yet this is how he is and I think it's cool. His pastor had the nerve to tell him that it was because of sin issues in his life! (crying during worship leading = too sensitive = sin). Yikes!
P.S. Rayna, keep going with your blog, I like it.

Anonymous said...

I have been told by many that my bladder is near my eye. I agree wholeheartedly with their assessment. I cry over anything! Movies, talks with Mom, talks with anyone! Commercials even get me! This week I've been madly burning a CD of songs for my father in law's funeral - I've been a blithering idiot! I think crying is healthy. That pastor should be kicked swiftly in the butt! Crying during worship, to me, says, "I am so in awe of You and what You've done for me, I have no words...only tears". I cry while playing on the worship team all the time! We had one song at church that was so amazing, my pastor got on his knees! Crying says so many things. It's so intimate, and tells people that you are being authentic...expressing yourself honestly.

There is no such thing as being too sensitive.

Love to you, enjoy your kidless couple of days!


Chad said...

I watched braveheart yesterday after reading your post. even thought it was probably the 20th time ive watched that movie i still couldnt make it through without having to look away when he gets betrayed.
i dont usually cry during movies but i get pretty choked up haha. other movies that ive cried during include(your right this is like totaly "unmanly" to confess this) hardball, a walk to remember, armageddon, schindler's list, the green mile, blood diamond, the last king of Scotland, Forrest Gump, and a lot more.

Chad said...

some others that i just thought of..
man on fire, i am sam, the thin red line, and gladiator

Mark said...

Hey Chad, it's hard to admit, eh? Way to fight the cultural expectations. Oh man, I too am ashamed to say that I also cried during A Walk To Remember. Also (not as much shame) Gladiator. Is there such a thing as "manly" crying I wonder?

Anonymous said...

if i can remember crying while watching any movies i'll tell you