Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Honeymoon: Part 4

Ok, in my final installment of honeymoon stuff I thought I'd share some of my honeymoon tips and advice. I'm certainly not an expert though, so please feel free to add your own wisdom under the comments area.

1. Don't be cheap on your honeymoon. You can only go on your honeymoon once (well, per marriage anyway). There is a time to be cheap but your honeymoon isn't the time!
2. Don't spend too much time travelling.
3. Hope big but have low expectations. Yes, you heard me right! Not everything will go according to plan on a honeymoon (physically, relationally, trip-wise, etc).
4. Expect conflict, it will happen. When it comes deal with it - it's not the end of the world.
5. Surprise your lover with something new everyday.
6. Sleep in. If you get up early every day, you're not on your honeymoon.
7. Document your trip with pictures, video, journal writing, diary, etc. These will be treasured items for the rest of your life.
8. Buy some souvenirs, no matter how cheezy.
9. Tell someone where you are going (in case of emergency).
10. Bring along some romantic items (candles, massage oil, risque clothing, incense, etc)
11. Spend a little "individual time" alone everyday (esp. if you are a Christ-follower).
12. Savor every moment.

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Anonymous said...

I love your series on honeymoons! That is my idea of a perfect honeymoon. John and I had one night to ourselves (thanks to Mom and Dad who took Declan for us!). There were no souveniers and we didn't have money to do anything fancy. We got the room for free from John's work, Mom gave me some risque clothing which, incidently, made John laugh hysterically (it was really quite a funny outfit), and we didn't sleep in much because check out was at 11 and we needed to get back to our son, but I have to say, we had a great time.

I think our real honeymoon happened a few years later. Declan was 4 years old and Mom and Dad took him so that John and I could get away. We went to his sister's house (she was out of town)and we spent time together. What a wonderful long weekend that was. I think we both felt like we had connected again after a long time apart. It felt so good just to be together.

We definately take advantage of Mom and Dad's generosity to get away every now and then (thanks Mom and Dad!). I have to say, any time alone with the one you love can be a honeymoon all over again. God bless grandparents who are able to assist in this way and allow their children time to strengthen their marriages without having to worry about the kids!

Love you!