Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Gift

Saturday morning I went outside to get something from my backyard. Now my neighbor has this cat named "Beat It" (yes, that's its name, don't ask me why)." I really like this cat and I think it likes me. Though small, it is fairly aggressive with other members of the animal kingdom. I know this because Beat It left us a present outside our door - half of a squirrel left there like an offering. Yes, the neatly severed remains (the back half by the way - I can still picture those little legs and tail) of the squirrel was a little shocking but then I thought "Hey, this is a gift!" and I felt kind of honored. This kind of gift doesn't come along every day after all. Perhaps we need to look less at the gifts we get and more at the heart of the giver to truly appreciate them.

May Light increase.


Rayna said...

Way to go Mark! You are in there! :) Sorry, I personally hope that I never get such a gift.

Lee said...

from Jobina's blog, it sounds like this was the gift that kept on giving - not just a squirrel but hundreds of baby flies - you have been blessed! ;)