Monday, August 13, 2007

Awkward moments

Me: Hi folks, welcome to Olive Garden. My name is Mark and I'll be taking care of you. How are we all doing tonight?

Guest 1: Um, not bad.

Me: That's good to hear. So . . . are we celebrating anything special tonight?

Guest 2:. Well, (pointing at guest one) she just got out of prison!

(awkward silence)

Guest 1: Don't worry, there was a good reason I was there.

(more awkward silence)

Me: Want to hear about some of tonight's special features?

My friend Jay (a former waiter) tells me a good story about when he referred to man at his table as "sir" but then found out that he was actually a she. Very awkward. Had any awkward moments lately?

May Light increase!


Rayna said...

LOL - sorry, I am laughing at your expense. I probably would have asked without thinking what the person was in jail for and that would have been really awkward!
Sorry,can't think of my own awkward moment at this time.

Mark said...

I was very curious about what the did, but couldn't think of a way to ask that wasn't rude or would endanger my life!

Lee said...

It's the "don't worry, there was a good reason I was there" that gets me!
LOL! ....ummmm...congratulations?

Jay Boaz said...

Mark, you missed the punchline from that story about me!

I was serving a table of about 6 people, and at one point I asked for a show of hands, how many people would like their soup refilled? Having seen one hand out of the corner of my eye, I mistakenly referred to the girl (who had a buzzcut, was wearing a baggy sweater and baggy army-green cargo pants, in my defense) as a he. When I was corrected that she was in fact a girl, I, in my fatigued state (I was fairly tired that day), promptly responded with an incredulous "Really?"

Needless to say I spent the rest of the meal apologizing, and when it came time to hand out the after dinner mints I left the offended party a small mountain, as she was in the washroom when I came around with them.


Mark said...

Doh, sorry Jay! I should have just got you to tell the story, I feel your pain as I read it. I bet that girl was crying in the bathroom ...

Jay Boaz said...

Actually they told me it wasn't the first time someone had mistaken her gender. :)