Monday, August 27, 2007


I'm really, really out of shape. So last week I decided to try and have some discipline. I ran two or blocks everyday this past week. It's not much, but its something for me (I usually hurting by the end). I plan to increase it by a block every week or so until I can run a respectable distance again. Apparently the jarring motion of running is actually good for one's bones (moderate running) as it helps to build necessary strength in one's bones. I've heard that professional cyclists sometimes have dangerously brittle bones because cycling is great for the heart/muscles but is too gentle on the bones.

When I was in high school I was in pretty good shape and even when I was a youth pastor/camp director I was OK. But now . . . it's not pretty. It's not like I'm overweight or anything like that, my body just doesn't feel great. I'm tired alot, my muscles get sore easily, and I'm not as limber as I used to be. I still do push and sit ups a couple of times a week, but I need to them more consistently.

I challenged Jobina to try running and she tried it the other night. I was discouraged when afterwards she told methat she ran farther then I did and felt like she could have done more! Doh! I like running too, because it reminds me to pray for my friend Cole Choken (who I've posted about here), who's running from Calgary to Winnipeg this summer to raise money for diabetes (see this story). Yeah, the picture for this post is him, not me! Anyway, if Cole can run from Calgary to Winnipeg, I can run a few blocks everyday. And so can you! Why not start today? I dare you . . .

May Light increase!


Jobina said...

You're not just tired because you aren't exercising much, it's also because you do A LOT! I, for one, am really proud of you for challenging yourself!

Michele said...

I second Jobina's notion!!!

stacey said...

Hey Mark, just a word of encouragement... I started running in the country many years ago from "hydro pole to hydro pole" until I finally worked my way up to 8 miles a day (and yes, it started from one hydro pole to the next). I don't run that far today, maybe 2-4 miles but that is how I started. If I can do it, you can do it! Keep going! Way to go.


Anonymous said...

Keep up the running Mark! Can you do it? YES YOU CAN!!
I for one have chosen to walk instead of run. I have my reasons for that. I used to love running when I was younger and "firmer"!! Enough said.
Time for that walk! I'll be thinking of you!
Mom G.
PS..I can't believe you've added this to your already overloaded schedule!

Mark said...

Stacey, you ran up to 8 miles? Wow, very impressive. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!

Rayna said...

Good for you! I too am feeling that I need to add exercise, though not running (I hate running!), to my schedule as I am so out of shape. Hey, where did you hear about running being good for you - I'd like to read it, though I don't know why - I'm still going to hate it! :) I just don't do it well.