Sunday, August 19, 2007

Russians Sponsor "Conception Day"

Apparently the governor of Ulyanovsk,a region on the Volga River about 550 miles east of Moscow, is concerned about the birth rate. He is so concerned that he has sponsored "Conception Day," a day that everyone has off and is encouraged to stay home and make babies. Literally. Not only this, but prizes are awarded! Here's the story:

Russian Governor Sponsors Conception Day

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Rayna said...

That's a little insane, but interesting at the same time - kind of like trying to have the New Year's baby. I like that they are judged and awarded the prize according to the fitness of the parents and not just whether the child was born first. Kind of made the people who won this year with a planned cesarean seem more qualified to win.

Mark said...

It's insane, but then again, I have a friend who's wife offered to buy him something special if he would give her a child! Also, I have heard of men bribing their wives for "another kid." If individuals can do it, why not governments for a good cause (like population growth and economic prosperity). I just like the idea of the prizes . . . do you think that a young amorous couple thinks of such things in the midst of celebrating Conception Day?