Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Perfect Pastor

Imagine the joy you'd feel if you could find the perfect pastor? One lucky congregation did . . . until they realized he was dead. Read the story here:

'Perfect' pastor found to be dead

May Light increase!


Jobina said...

that is so weird.

Jay Boaz said...

I find that pretty hard to believe. I'd bet it's a hoax.


Lindsey Dueck said...

So many questions run through my head...

Did people not realize his mouth was not moving when he preached?

Did people not realize someone helping him shake hands?

Did they also not realize that he never talked to then while shaking hands?

How did they prop him up? Did they use metal rods in his pants and stuff. Rigor mortis doesn't last forever, only a few hours, his body would be floppy.

Did he not start to stink?

How could people be so stupid?

This story just blows me away. I have to go with Jay. I bet they are lying about this for publicity. I have faith in the human race, we cannot be this stupid.

Mark said...

Ah, you all make me laugh, thank you! Of course this story is a "hoax," it was on a fake news site called I was just going to make a link to the site, but then thought, "hey, maybe some people might believe this" so instead I posted it without explanation. I've been bugging Jobina about it all day (that she believed it was true). Priceless! If you look at the other links on the page you should see one for "SpongeBob checks into Exodus International" which should be a huge tip off that the site does not post real news. Anyway, check out the other stories on the site, some of them are hilarious!