Saturday, August 4, 2007

When Pigs Fly

I've always thought that I would never get a minivan. "When pigs fly," I said to myself. I'm just a SUV kind of guy, or possibly a truck or sporty hatchback type. But "minivan-guy?" No, not remotely. Jobina has been working on me for several years now, but I have always been strong about this. Until now.

We've decided to sell our car and get a van. There, I said it.

Though this is not an easy journey that I find myself beginning, I think it is the right one. With a family who likes to carry around lots of stuff and with a rental property that occasionally finds me needing to carry around large items, it just makes sense. Also, it should be good for my outdoor pursuits - I could fit two kayaks on top of a van if needed. I'm sure I'll adapt and eventually even embrace a minivan, but for now it seems dramatic - like I'm changing my "automotive orientation" (or something like that). I look forward to my mid-life crisis when I will purchase something completely expensive, impractical, and fun.

Our good friends Mike and Rayna are looking for a new vehicle too, wish us all luck!

May Light increase!


Jobina said...

Does that mean that when I hit my "midlife crisis" that I get to buy something "completely expensive, impractical and fun"????
I want a motorbike!

Mark said...

Sorry honey, mid-life crisis are just for men. I wish you could have one, but I don't make up these rules!

Aneta said...

With four children, we NEEDED a minivan (and it served its purpose well), but finally after MANY years, we have downsized and I got the car of my (practical) dreams.. a Toyota Rav. What a treat! I believe one doesn't truly appreciate a smaller sporty car until first having owned a minivan.