Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Does God Want You Rich?

I recently read with interest this article about the topic of Christian's believing God wants them to be rich. The topic of money is actually addressed by Jesus much more then other topics but in the corners of Christianity that I cavort in, money is rarely discussed. I see two opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to riches. On one side is the health and wealth Gospel; God wants you to be rich - you just need to have faith. Far on the opposite side is that money is evil; a pragmatic necessity that is constantly ready to consume your soul - stay away from it.

I'd like to think I avoid either extreme but I do lean more towards the second side, so it is difficult for me to really even understand how some people can believe that God wants them to live in material abundance. In the article above, the author's scepticism also come through; doesn't Jesus say the opposite - that choosing to be a Christ follower may bring you trials and tribulation? I do believe that God wants to bless us - he is the Good Father after all. Yet to presuppose that blessing will be of a material blessing seems difficult to find in the Bible (well, at least the New Testament). On the other hand, I don't see why God wouldn't bless someone with wealth - especially if they could handle it. I know a couple of wealthy Christ-followers who seem to keep wealth in its proper place and I aspire to be have their balance for myself.

Personally, knowing how to be a Christ follower in a wealthy country is a struggle for me. I am constantly tempted to let money be my master instead of God. The ironic thing is that money can be your master even if you are poor! The love of money is not exclusive to the rich - they just happen to actually have what many are wanting. One of the questions I like to use to test myself where I am in relation to God and money is this "Would I be OK if I lost all my wealth and material possessions today?" I mean of course it would be horrible, but if I just lost it all (or God asked me to give it up), could I? When my spirit says "no" then I know I have personal work to do between me and God.

Do I think God wants me to be rich? Absolutely. Rich in faith, love, wisdom, and the fruit of the spirit. Does God want to be have lots of money? You'll have to ask Him.

May Light increase!

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