Friday, May 2, 2008

Happy Iron Man Day!

Yesterday was a very good day. Why you ask? Because it was Iron Man Day! So, if you forgot to celebrate I would like to offer you a belated (but still very sincere) "Happy Iron Man Day!" to you. Even though the official opening for the movie is tonight (May 2nd), Jay, Keith, Dylup, Lynne, and I all went to to see the advance showing of the movie last night at 8:30. I will cut to the chase on this movie: It was awesome!!!

Jay and I spent the day together and he bought me lunch and a DVD (with over 500 Iron Man comics scanned into it) as Iron Man Day presents (what you didn't get anyone anything for Iron Man Day? Shame on you!). Then we hurried over to the theater. When we left poor Riker was sobbing because he wanted to come to! Poor guy, I wanted to bring him but I knew that this kind of movie was more for adults then young children.

Jay and I didn't know how many people would be lining up early for the advance showing so we decided to go line up an hour early. When we arrived we were shocked: there was no line up! We were confused. Were we there on the wrong day? We went up to the guy who takes the tickets? "You're here for Iron Man aren't you?" he said with a knowing smile. Yes, we said, where is everyone? "I have no idea," he said, "Don't they know this is Iron Man Day?" He then told us we could go into the theater and wait there. "Oh, and guys," he said with dramatic flair, "you are the first ones here!" We couldn't believe it, we could pick any seats we wanted for the best movie of the year! We rushed in and started laughing (OK, it was more like giggling) and hugging and then carefully chose our seats. Ah, sweet contentment. A few minutes later some tough looking punk guys (one with a mohawk) came in and they were almost giggling as well. I went outside to wait for Lynne and her boyfriend Dylup (who was also an Iron Man fan) and then for Keith since I had his ticket. Keith wasn't super familiar with Iron Man so I'm hoping Jay and I's geekiness didn't freak him out too badly. I was impressed that he had looked up Iron Man on wikipedia to prepare himself. Everyone was introduced and we then we had a long wait for the movie to begin. The anticipation almost killed me.

I don't want to give any spoilers away but I will say a few things about the movie itself. First, the armor looks fantastic, very cool. Second, Downey is a great choice as Tony Stark - he fits the character perfectly and you will enjoy his unique form of humor (lots of laughs). Thirdly there is great surprise in the final minute of the movie - totally out of left field (I was shocked). Fourthly, if you are a big comics fan you should wait until after the credits have finished rolling for a special treat.

Yes, all in all it was a great movie and a great day. Even though it was "just a movie" it was so fun to get into the spirit of it all and just enjoy it all. If you get the chance, I heartily suggest taking in the movie tonight at the official premier - you won't regret it. Keith suggested that we go see it again at opening night at the cheap theater, when it comes there later in the summer. An excellent idea I think.

May Light increase!

4 comments: said...

This was so funny for me to read.
hehe, sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.

Mark said...

Yah, it was a lot of fun. Some people would be embarrassed to admit that they got so much joy out of watching a movie about a (gasp!) comic book character but one doesn't have to be deep and serious all the time. I can admit I have silly side (for instance I have been a closet MC Hammer fan for years now) and even celebrate it occasionally. I feel sad for those who cannot!

Anonymous said...

it was a great night! Dilip grinned for... well... i think he is still grinning!!!



ps. thanks to Iron Man day, I am the best girlfriend EVER!!! :)

Lindsay said...

We went on Saturday, and I couldn't agree more. What a super-fun summer movie!