Thursday, May 22, 2008


Would you look at this steak?

And this burger...

And now for the Prime Rib Roast...

Now, wipe the drool off your chin and let me explain...

I grew up a cattle farmer and now it's in my blood. I'm not farming right now, but thanks to my still-farming father my deep freezer is full of beef, and I can go back anytime and help out or just look at those beauties out on pasture. There is something really neat about knowing where your food comes from. I am incredibly grateful to be in a position of such wealth, especially food wealth.

Canadian Foodgrains Bank, (and many other relief agencies) are calling out for help. They estimate that the amount of food they can provide will decline by 25%. They will need at least $5 million more dollars just to maintain their current programming.

Why have food prices risen so damatically? What a complex problem! Some suggestions as to the cause include and are not limited to:

1. Rising consumption - Population growth Can't do much about this one, I'm not about to suggest limiting the number of children someone can have.

2. Rising consumption - Alternative uses, such as the huge push for the production of biofuels This is huge, right here. Why are we as a society so much more concerned about the well being of the environment rather than the well being of humanity? I'm all for taking care of this beautiful earth, God told us too, right? But He also told us to look after orphans and widows in their distress. He always prioritizes the person.

3. Decreased production - Rising costs, unfavorable weather, etc How many farmers want to persevere through these tough times of losing money, struggling to make ends meet? It sometimes seems that they are getting hit from every side - the middle man snatches profit, the costs are rising, and the ever unpredictable weather could eliminate everything but the debt.

I'm not really sure where that leaves you and me. Are we, as rich North Americans, willing to donate enough money to feed the poor? Do we care about the local farmer struggling to make an honest living? When I'm savoring that juicy steak, I wonder where we're going...


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