Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Next Generation: Hopeless or Hopeful?

Perspective is an amazing thing! Sometimes I see and hear and read stuff about the "younger" generation and it can make me afraid. Do I want my precious little girl growing up in a world where her environment is saturated with drug and alcohol addictions, violence, self-absorbtion, boredom, suicide, sexual perversion, oh man, the list could go on and on...

There is another side to the story, another perspective. It seems God is reminding me that He is still at work in our youth and children. He is raising up a generation that worships Him and hungers after Him. If you look, you will see it!
I long to know God more and grow in Him, but I want my daughter to surpass me. I want her to build on what I'm learning and grow into God even deeper than me.

A wise friend of mine and I were talking about this today. She said that a teacher she heard recently described it like this: Our ceiling will be their floor.
What kind of ceiling do I want to leave for the next generation? How strong or high will it be? It will be their foundation. Let's not give up on ourselves or on the ones to follow.


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