Sunday, May 11, 2008

Voice and Voicelessness

I'm still sick. Last night at Olive Garden however was much better then the one before. Instead of feeling weak the only real thing was that my voice got super low. Amazingly, this was a good thing as for some reason the lower my voice got, the higher my tips went! Even Jobina seemed to like my new voice - that low voice is a powerful thing.

Until tonight when my voice left me. Yup, now I can barely speak. It's pretty sad when it's the Survivor Finale and I can't even discuss it with my wife! The bad thing about losing your voice is that you lose your power. My kids? No respect. I can't even tell them to respect me because I can't talk!

My first year as a camp director I lost my voice for 3 days. The first day people still respected me. But after that basically the staff stopped coming to me and instead came to my assistant Al. All I could do was write the occasional message down on a piece of paper. Al unofficially took over as camp director. I couldn't even do night patrol as a voiceless director doesn't strike much fear or respect in anyone, especially not mischievous campers. I almost cried. When my voice returned it was like my identity returned as well. I was back!

If there is anything I take for granted it's my ability to talk. When you lose your voice you are reminded how important it is for you socially. Also, it makes me think of people and groups who feel like they don't have a voice. I would like to help them find it. When I read the Bible, I see God as caring about those people . . . and giving them a voice. God cares for the voiceless and I find that encouraging. Anyway, please feel free to pray that I get better. I have to counsel tomorrow and I'm not sure how it will go.

May Light increase!


Michele said...

You could try an alternative type of counselling....pictionary? Sherades? At least you know that you will have their full attention because they'll be working so hard to hear you! If it's a couple and they start arguing, do what Uncle Don does, blow a whistle! tee hee!

Get better Mark, I'll be praying for you!

Jay Boaz said...

If you're conselling younger couples, you could always text them. Or perhaps use MSN?

Seriously though, hope you get better soon buddy!