Friday, May 16, 2008

Sisterhood... and Brotherhood?

I'm pretty sure Mark has not had a post about sisterhood before! I'm talking the larger realm of sisters, not just our actual biological sisters. (I have one of those and I love her like crazy!) do you like them? Is the idea of a "girl's night out" something really fun and exciting? How do you feel after spending time with girlfriends? (Stay with me here guys, - we'll get to you later)

My life has changed so tremdously since giving birth to our sweet thing 7 months ago. Sometimes, I've felt a little stuck at home, but other times I feel like I'm just running around too much and would love a couple days just at home. A couple weeks back I was invited to one of those women-parties. (food, someone selling stuff, etc) I realy didn't feel like going, but I had been house-bound for quite awhile, and the party wasn't very far away. So, I kinda forced myself to go and I had a really good time. The other women held and played with Norah and I felt like I had been given a nice little break and I felt a little happier for it. I felt a little more balanced.

Since then, I happened to watch 100 Huntley Street ( where Trish Berg, an author, was talking about how important it is for women to get together, especially in the first year after having a baby. She talked about some study that found that when women get together, they actually trigger a release of some hormone in each other and that makes them happier, more relaxed, etc. (The link for her book, Rattled

That struck me as a little weird! Does that happen in all women? Do they have to be with friends, or does just any group of women cause this kind of reaction? In the example above I felt better after being with these women (I only knew about half of them), but I don't always feel better - sometimes I feel alot more tired and worn-down, or discouraged. I'm not sure I believe in this one, but it has made me very curious! I could be the exception to this rule!

What has me even more curious is whether or not there is some kind of hormone going on when guys get together? Maybe something that makes them feel better about themselves or stronger? Are guys happier after golfing together or quading or whatever else they do?
just wondering...Julie


Jay Boaz said...

I usually enjoy golf more before the game actually starts...before all the pain and aggravation of shooting a bad score. :)

Doesn't really answer your question...I'll have to give it a ponder.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if I believe the whole hormone thing. Sometimes though, it really is nice to have a girl's night out. I often have to force myself to go, but I always enjoy myself once I get there! Interesting subject!

Stacey said...

The first year after having Rowan was really hard. I didn't get out nearly enough, and I was constantly feeling stuck at home. I believe it's SUPER important to get out when you have little ones. You need that connection with other adults.

Lindsey Dueck said...

I think it is important to get together with friends. Sometimes I have to force myself to make time and just do it, rather than sitting at home my nights off. I am always so glad I do it!

Rayna said...

I know for me that if I have had an especially hard week and need a break, going out with the girls is the best thing. Just commiserating with them and laughing until my side hurts is awesome! It has to be closer friends though, not mere acquaintances as if it is people I don't know too well, I feel on the outside of things and the opposite happens.