Thursday, May 8, 2008

Summer Plans

After so much "deep" conversation, I thought I'd just update people on my summer plans. First, I'm going to continue at OG until September doing about four days/nights a week. Also I'll be polishing off my last two courses. Lastly I'm going to be doing contract counseling at Turning Point for the summer (hopefully restricted to just 5-10 clients a week). I have an opportunity for the fall that I'm praying about but I can't give any more details about it for now. . .

If you know of anyone who would like counseling, feel free to send them my way. My passion is helping people with their relationship issues but I'm open to anything really including spiritual direction, mediation, etc. Some people have asked me if I can counsel them even though they know me (and thus already have a relationship with me). The answer is not really, unless I have already had some sort of "unofficial" counseling relationship with you in the past (like in my role as a camp director or youth pastor). Contact me if you are interested or would like to make a referral.

Ah summer! I am looking forward to this summer but it looks like it will be a bit busier then I had hoped. I'm really trying to make sure I have at least two nights off a week for my wife and family as they deserve it after so many years of school. Pray I'll have the wisdom and discipline to see this through. Balancing these things, even in summer, can be tricky business.

May Light increase!

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