Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trip To Belize: Day 1

May 13th, 2008

After my usual last minute (and frantic) packing, Jobina and I left on our 10th Anniversary/2nd Honeymoon/Celebration of Grad trip to Belize. We left Winnipeg in the afternoon, full of nervous anticipation, and flew to Toronto. When we got in the first thing I noticed was that I had left my wallet at home, full of cash that was meant for the trip. A small hiccup which we paid for by being fleeced at the airport currency exchange. After that we headed to our room at Best Western to enjoy a refreshing 4 hours of sleep. Here's a picture of Jobina looking all "travelerish" (doesn't she look amazing?) before entering our room.

We had booked a basic room (although with a king size bed) so we were kind of shocked when we walked in. Unbeknowst to us, the hotel had upgraded us to a super nice suite. Instead of a little room, we were in a huge cavernous room with a jacuzzi tub area (surrounded by mirrors) and luxury galore:

Needless to say I was overjoyed:

The ironic thing was that we were staying in the kind of room that one escapes to with that special someone for a weekend of intimate moments (can you say "love nest?") but we could only enjoy it for four hours (and that included sleeping time)! Such irony! So anyway, we had to discipline ourselves to get some sleep and soon we were all cozy for the night. After a few minutes of darkness and quiet a thought popped into my mind. "Honey, did you set the alarm for AM or PM?" I asked. "Um, AM . . . I think," Jobina responded sleepily. "Maybe you should check?" I suggested. Sure enough, it was set for PM - we were that close to missing our early, morning international flight! We were so scared by this that we called down to the front desk and got a wake up call too. With that Jobina almost immediately went to sleep:

I on the other barely slept, worrying and excited about travel the next day!

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Jay Boaz said...

You're a brave man...I think Sarah would punch me if I took a picture of her sleeping and put it on the Internet. :)

Too bad you didn't have a longer stay at your upgraded room, though since you almost ended up with one maybe it's best you only got the 4 hours you were supposed to! Missing your flight would not have been fun.

I can't believe you forgot your wallet! Don't you do the patdown before you leave the house; watch, wallet, and keys? I do pretty much every day, especially when I'm leaving for a few days!