Sunday, March 23, 2008

And the Blind Shall See (Kind of)

This video shows the amazing (and inspiring) power of attitude. This young boy, his eyes taken by cancer at the age of two, has developed the amazing ability to see even though he has no eyes. Oh to have a mom that could build into him not helplessness, but the ability to believe that anything is possible! Instead of wallowing in what he can't do, he focuses on what he can. Truly amazing.

(H.T. to Aneta at Lifelines)


Michele said...

I saw a different show about this kid. Another blind person was trying to show him that sometimes using a walking stick is a good thing (this kid would have none of it). The example he used was that of an open hole in the middle of a path. Echolocation cannot locate a hole in a walkway. Had it not been for this other man, that kid would have fallen right in. He had no idea how deep it was, nor could he figure it out using his clicks.

I was amazed at what this child has accomplished...I just hope he uses all the tools at his disposal to get around instead of just relying on one.

Jobina said...

I smiled through the whole thing!

Lifelines said...

Glad you found the video worthwhile. His other senses were certainly heightened to make up for the loss of his sight. I agree, his mother must be an incredible woman!