Saturday, March 8, 2008

Chicken Parm Theory

I was thinking today about how much you can learn about someone by watching what they order at a restaurant. Some people find something they like and then order it every time they go out to eat. For instance, at Olive Garden some people just love the chicken parmiginia. So everytime they come in, they look over the menu and then choose the chicken parm. Often this really bugs the other people who know them well. "Why," they groan, "do you always get the same thing? Why don't you try something different?" Usually the person responds with something like "I don't want to try something else, I know what I like!" Maybe you are this kind of person.

So here's my theory. Just like people with high sensation seeking impulses are usually more prone to relational break up, I wonder if people who eat the same thing every time they eat out are more prone to relational loyalty? Think about it, they find something they like and they stick to it. This could be one helpful litmus test for loyalty in a potential mate! If your boyfriend/girlfriend gets the same thing everytime you eat . . . they're probably a keeper. Because if they really like you, they'll stick to you and be loyal to you (just like their dinner). If they show this same unwavering loyalty in several areas (cars, chocolate bars, political parties, etc) then their propensity for loyalty should be even higher.

I must be tired to be thinking of stuff like this.

May Light increase!


Michele said...

"...people with high sensation seeking impulses are usually more prone to relational breakup..."

Oh boy...I'm in trouble.

Jobina said...

If I think about my parents, who I consider super committed, they both try a lot of different foods. Although, if you take my Dad to a truck stop type of place, he will inevitably order a BLT.
Hmmm, there may be something to this on a very small scale, but I have a feeling that you're mostly just tired. ;o)

Anonymous said...

yeah but mark, isn't that your JOB?

Jay Boaz said...

Without further scientific study I think I'm gonna say you're reaching a little bit. :)

That being said, do you need to write a thesis anytime soon? This could be your experiment!


Mark said...

Michele: No worries, the greater a sensation seeker, the greater the effect. If you are a mild sensation seeker, it is very manageable. You haven't tried bungie jumping, hard core illicit drugs, or street racing any time recently, have you?

Jay: Oh, my theory is reaching. On the other hand, personality psychology (the root of my theory) says that a person enduring traits of thinking and behaviors can be used to predict future behavior. So maybe it's not so crazy after all! Of course, one should look at more then one's date's entree selections before making a decision about marrying them . . .

Michele said... trying two out of three of those things considered bad?

I think I'm still in trouble.

Mark said...

Michele, trying those things sometime in your life is different then doing them often, consistently, and recently. Especially if you do it and it causes friction in your relationships. I wouldn't worry about it. The kind of relationship riskiness that high sensation seekers encounter is the kind that makes them "helpless" to hit on other people continually, thus insuring big time relational problems. Somehow you don't come across that way to me! And even if you were, you'd still have your free will to assist you. Many moderate sensation seekers enjoy long relationships, they just have to work at the loyalty aspect a bit harder then some others. On the plus side, their partners would not rate them as high on the "boring" scale!

Stacey said...

Wow... interesting title and picture... I thought I was going to read a restaurant review or get a new recipe to try :)

You must've been tired Mark. But I enjoyed reading the "theories" :)