Friday, March 28, 2008

Iron Man, The Boy, and Me

Last night Jobina surprised me with a nice little gift. I came home from counseling and she had lit a nice warm fire (ambiance) and then gave me two presents: a chocolate egg filled with mini Cadbury Easter Creme Eggs and an Iron Man comic book. This was totally unexpected, usually we just watch Survivor on Thursday nights and have a nice evening at home but Jobina made this night special. I love Easter Creme Eggs and was a little skeptical about the "mini" version but they tasted absolutely delicious. And the comic was so enjoyable to read - I just love Iron Man - and it's been years since I've read a comic book cover to cover. Reading the comic whetted my appetite for the movie to an almost fever pitch. Have you seen the latest trailer? It is so awesome!

This morning Riker was all over the comic book and we spent some time together using the comic cover as a model and using plasticine to make little Iron Man figures. Lots of fun! I thought that both our figures took different but are distinct and contemporary takes on this classic B list (soon to be A list after the movie comes out) superhero. It's also just a lot of fun working with plasticine, on comic book figures, with your son! Definitely I feel blessed. Makes me feel almost young again. Here's Riker's version:

Here's mine:

And here's both of them together:

Mine's pretty sad (for a guy in his 30's) but I think the Boy has potential.

May Light increase!


Jay Boaz said...

Nice attention to detail with the uni-beam projector in the chest!

Can I ask which Iron Man comic you got? :) And if you want some age-appropriate Iron Man reading for the boy, you should check out the Marvel Adventures Iron Man digests; volume 1 (which contains #1-4) is listed at $6.60 on


Stacey said...

I don't know if I should refer to Iron Man as 'cute' but the whole image of you sitting with your boy in the morning and making plasticine pictures is really just too cute. I don't know this Iron Man you speak of but I was curious what the little nubbies on your version's hands were... then I watched the Youtube link you posted. Jay is correct, lots of attention to detail! I like the Boy's version as well. He does have loads of potential. It's adorable, like a little Iron Man pet.

That was really sweet of Jobina to make a special Thursday night for you. You are blessed indeed!

Stacey said...

oops I meant plasticine figures and then taking pictures!

Rayna said...

That's so great! I love it - both that Jobina did that for you and that you and Riker had fun with plasticine! Part of the joys of having kids - you can do all the "childish" things legitimately! :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a great in-house date night with your lovely wife and a fabulous day with Riker! Very nice work on the action figures!

Love, Michele

Mark said...

Riker actually added the repulsor details to my guy's "hands" but the uni-beam was my idea.
Stacey: You don't know Iron Man . . . well, OK, he's not exactly famous, but he is awesome. The movie comes out on May 2nd - probably a great date movie!