Monday, March 3, 2008

Wedding Vows

I'm kind of a romantic and I like weddings. Weddings inspire me. The vows at a wedding are always kind of a holy moment and I found this video showing some pretty cool ones. What do you think; beautiful, cheezy, insincere, idealistic? You may have to turn up the volume on your computer, but if you have a few minutes, maybe it will inspire you in your own marriage (or your future one).

(Here's the Video Link if you have problems viewing it)

May Light increase!


Stacey said...

I'm at the office right now so I don't want to turn my speakers up too loud :) I couldn't hear them but I'll look at it later from home.

I just wanted to say I like the new digs! Brings a certain atmosphere to your page that is very fitting and yet still nice and easy to read and navigate through. Good job.

Mark said...

Thanks Stace, I'm still playing with it, so expect a few more changes to the look. And enjoy the video!

Trevor said...

Mark, I'm not sure if it's a result of the new changes, but the video didn't come through in the RSS feed this time.

Jay Boaz said...

I'm not loving the new look. Aspects of it I like, but my main gripes are:

-The page is wider than before. Not a problem on a Mac, but I find at work and (moreso) on Sarah's PC that I get a lovely scroll bar along the bottom

-Where did the links go? My "blog run" routine has had to change to finishing on your blog instead of starting! I like to just use links to click my way along, and I can't do that from here anymore

New log is cool though. Bit big I think, but still cool.