Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Good" Friday

When I woke up early yesterday morning I noticed that it was gloomy and kind of dark outside. This seemed strangely fitting as it was Good Friday, the day of the year set aside to remember Christ's death on the cross. It was kind of a strange day for me as I didn't go to church. Jobina was singing in the worship band and told me that she thought that the kids might find the service difficult to sit through (and maybe a little too intense and disturbing). So I stayed home with the kids and she went to church. I read three chapters of "The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe" to my offspring and we basically just hung out.

I often feel a kind of tension or maybe even a low level anxiousness on Good Friday, not knowing how to approach this solemn day. Perhaps these feelings are natural, it's a reminder of our natural condition and what was needed to save us from it. I'm glad Christ died for us - at the same time, I'm very unhappy that he had to die. Often on this day I feel a internal pressure to go and spend time in reflection and prayer but usually I don't get around to it. Instead, I accomplish very little, spiritually or otherwise. Perhaps this too is fitting - I'm guessing the disciples didn't spend their Good Friday deep in pious pursuits! Later I felt relief and was just glad when the day was over.

(By the way, the painting is "Stations of the Cross (X): Jesus Is Stripped Of His Garments" from Chris Gollin's "Stations of the Cross." I chose it because I felt it captured the honest look of someone who had been tortured and was facing his death.)

May Light increase!

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