Saturday, July 19, 2008

Best Man

Congrats to my friend's Jay and Sarah who got married today! I wish I had a picture, but with all of my best man duties I completely forgot to get any (no worries, I'm sure this will be remedied soon). Aside from almost (it was very, very close) passing out on the stage and muddling through my "toast to the groom" speech, I think I did an OK job in my maiden voyage as a best man. I learned lots and really enjoyed watching Jay and Sarah as they went through their Big Day. I wish them best but as I am exhausted I'm heading to bed. Perhaps I'll report more on my thoughts about the big event later. Adieu.

May Light increase!


sheri said...

I thought you did awesome on your speech, Mark! Megan and I were talking about how our speeches seemed dumb compared to yours...we didn't want to get up and do ours!
I slept for like 16 hours last night! I was sooo exhausted! Hope you have a relaxing day today!

Mark said...

Really? Wow, thanks for the encouragement Sheri. I think you are too tough on your speech making abilities though. I thought both of your speeches were great and I really appreciated hearing a little more about how you got the couple together. One of the highlights of the night for me. Take care!

Michele said...

How you made it through your own wedding without passing out cold still amazes me! You poor dude. Glad to hear that all went well though!