Monday, July 7, 2008

Camp Stuff

Wow, thanks Scott for taking the reins for a few days! Well, I spent the last few days up at camp doing training with the directors and doing LiMiT team development training with the staff. Although I was pretty rusty we had a great time and hopefully people learned some stuff. The team there this year was intense, mature, and higher then average in integrity - all good signs. The last TDA was extremely difficult but the team completed it in less then 2 hours - very impressive! Here's a picture of "Nitro Drop" from several years ago. Recognize anyone?

This was the first time I was overnight at camp for 2 years since I was director there and it felt good. It was fun to be up at camp training people and not having the responsibility/worries of getting staff last minute. So much more peaceful! Although I was jealous of all the good times the new directors are going to have I did not envy the mental burden of it all - I must remember to pray for them. Being back at camp was (as always) good for my soul.

Jobina and I went up to Gimli together where I dropped her off at my parents farm for the weekend. On the way I mentioned to her that maybe she should think about cooking at camp this week. There was (is?) a great need for cooks and one of her favorite people from Mennville was already signed up. Even though it was last minute we realized that if Camp could find a babysitter for her it could work. Sure enough they found someone to help her with the kids (at least for the first few days) so yesterday afternoon we said goodbye and she went up to camp while I returned to Winnipeg. Yup, so I'll be "batching" it this week while Jobina ministers up at camp. I have often told people that it is not the person at camp who sacrifices the most, but those who are left behind (family) and now I am learning just a little bit what that sacrifice feels like! If you are the praying type and you'd like to pray for Jobina here are some requests:

1. That BCBC would get enough cooks each day and that meals will be good, timely, and large enough.
2. That our kids would work well with the babysitter and that the babysitter will have time off and be blessed by her time up there.
3. That Jobina will have energy and strength when they are understaffed in the kitchen.
4. That she will meet God in a special way through serving Him.
5. That the camp will achieve it's goal: loving the campers and sharing the Good News with them.

UPDATE: Please pray for healing for Jobina's ankle. I haven't heard from her directly but apparently she fell and twisted it in a freak accident just after arriving . . . there was a nasty noise from it as she fell.


Jay Boaz said...

I am also "batching" it at the moment, with Sarah in the city. I imagine I'll be barbecuing more since it means less dishes. :) I can't bring myself to cook a nice meal for just myself; if I'm cooking for two then I am way more willing to spend some time on a meal.

I'll be praying for Jobina's ankle. And I wasn't sure if I was going to go visit camp this week or not, but with my favourite school-aged Westmans so close by, how can I not?


sheri said...

Ha! I definately recognize people in the picture...I hated that activity! I think it took us like 6 hours or something...and that was after the leaders basically told us how to do it! Wow, good times!
I'll be thinking of and praying for you and Jobina and the kids this week...

Mark said...

Thanks for the prayers people. Sheri, I believe this took your group 8 hours, that was LDC right? I talked to Donna and apparently your group found the most difficult approach to this task she's ever seen! But hey, you did it and that's the important thing.