Friday, July 4, 2008

What am I doing?

Hello everyone
My name is Scott Williamson. I am married to my beautiful wife Julie who you met as a guest blogger about a month ago. I also have a cute daughter Norah who is so much fun to watch as she grows up. I'm not sure I would agree with all of Marks comments about me but I will try to do them justice. First off I would like to apologize for my poor spelling and grammar. I fix airplanes for a living and hated English in school and almost failed. As for my title I never thought I would do something like this. I occasionally read Marks and other blogs. The thought of blogging seemed interesting but I don't think I could dedicate time to do it regularly. This Will be a chance to try it out. Thanks Mark.

I work for a small airline as the Director of Maintenance in St. Andrews. The majority of our business is to native reserves. Most of you probably heard about the young 16 tear old boy who murdered the 9 year old boy in the news. On Monday night I was asked to stay and help unload one of our aircraft when it came back from Little Grand Rapids. I was aware that on this flight was the 16 year old that killed the other boy along with 5 RCMP officers. I had had first hand information about the incident and it was much more brutal than the media had stated. They tend to do that as to not expose how bad things really are on reserves. While waiting for the plane i have to admit I had some really bad thoughts and opinions about this boy. One of our pilots and I talked about just dumping him off in the middle of nowhere or tossing him out of the plane. I had talked to Julie about it and she said that maybe God would change my heart when he arrived. She was so right! This young innocent boy who looked like he wouldn't kill a bug stepped off. I was instantly full of compassion and my heart felt so heavy. Every day I see small children with obvious FAS symptoms getting taken off the reserve by child and family services. They will often go back to the reserve in a few months just to be hauled away again because the parents hadn't changed. There is a serious problem in our native communities and it would take nothing short of a miracle from God to fix it. Continually just handing out money is not working. Doing this would ruin any race or group of people. I guess my point is I would like to encourage everyone to pray for these communities and pass it on to others to do so. Their is so much more that I see from these reserves but it would take days. I have been to lots of these communities and they are amazing people that need Gods love. Pray that our government leaders would find a way to start resolving these issues.

I guess I should mention that I in no way intended this to be a racial slander. It is something that I deal with every day and really weighs on my heart some times.

More thoughts tomorrow

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Anonymous said...

Oh totally wicked - I get to be the first to leave a comment on my bro's first venture into the world of blogging! Well done mi hermano! In my work as a teacher and counsellor I have also faced the sad reality of FAS and my heart aches for those who have to live with this daily. One of the huge issues with FAS is that the person with FAS is unable to remember from day to day what they have learned. Sometimes they can remember for a while and then the next day it is gone. Little wonder that these children with FAS have difficulty with relationships and life in general. In an echo of mi hermano Scott - Please do pray for our aboriginal communities and their children. Their situation is complicated but nothing is too big for our God! May God's blessings be poured out on all in Canada and particularly on the families who are dealing with the tragic loss of their little boy's life! Allison