Sunday, September 2, 2007

The Black Death

I was doing some work on my investment property the other day (well, trying to at least) and I needed to get some caulking to seal some stuff. My friend recommended PL-Premium - "good stuff he said. Anyway, things didn't go as well as they should have and by the end of the project my hands were covered with the stuff. Oh well, I thought no big deal, I'll wash it off. Hmm . . . water doesn't seem to work. I guess I need soap. So then I go home, use soap, and it still doesn't come off. OK, I guess I need something stronger. When we went for dinner (Ethiopian) with the same friend later that evening I said, "So, how do you get this stuff off?" "The 'Black Death?'" he said, "that stuff is almost impossible to get off, um, try gasoline!" He tells me after I use it about this cute little nickname and that is impossible to get off! The next morning it was almost time to go to work so I thought I'd better try the gas. That also didn't work! My mechanic neighbor had this green stuff that he uses and that didn't work either. Jobina went to the PL website and looked under the FAQ's. Here's what she found:

Q: How do I get PL Premium off of my hands?
A: Use gloves or barrier cream when working with PL products.

Translation: Nothing gets PL Premium off. Don't get it on you!

The only way I've figured out how to get it off is to painfully scrub my skin off. This stuff is so nasty! It made me think about how the Black Death is alot like sin. It stains and nothing can get it off. Nothing that is except for the gift of grace in Jesus Christ. As I've been reading through the New Testament I've seen the depravity of the saints; before and after becoming believers. Sin is seriously staining. Thank God for grace! It's our only hope.

May Light increase!

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