Sunday, September 9, 2007


Jobina and I dropped off the kids at my parent's house on Friday (thanks Mom and Dad!) and spent a romantic weekend at Jessica Lake Lodge in the Whiteshell! We had a wonderful time, it was so cool to be back at the place where we started our honeymoon; lots of good memories. We also opened up our 10 year time capsule that Jobina's sister got us and read with interest all the predictions/advice people gave us at our wedding. We wooed each other, we hiked, we biked, we jacuzzied, we feasted, we read, we relaxed. It was truly beautiful. Here's some pics from the weekend:
This is a shot from our little "love nest" cabin illuminated by the fire and candles. This cabin was well equipped with a king sized bed, jacuzzi, sauna, TV, screened in deck and many other nice features.This is my bride teasing me at Rainbow falls. I love those lips! To think I never got to kiss them until the night we got engaged . . .

This is me clearing away a little deadfall that had gotten on to the trail. As you can see this tree was a little heavy which is why I look so focused. If you look just right you can see the steely glint in my eye that says "No honey, you will NOT have to step over this tree - I shall remove it from your sight at once." Chivalry is definitely not dead.

Here's Jobina triumphantly cresting the top of a tall hill on the hopelessly oversized mountain bike provided by the resort. I wonder what she's thinking?

Those feet belong to me, I'm relaxing on our private dock and staring out the lake. It was a bit cloudy at that moment, but I was quite relaxed. It was a time to think of God and thank him for this time of rest.This is Jobina and I after a fabulous dinner at "The Landing" steakhouse at Westhawk Lake. 10 years ago we dressed up formally and came for dinner here on our honeymoon. At that time a couple inquired of our server what we were celebrating and when they heard that we had just been married they bought us our dinner! Sadly, we had to pay for own dinner tonight, but the prime rib and steak we had were both very good.

This is me working on my "Crane Technique" at sunset. Even anniversary celebrations must make way for one's ninja training. Luckily I'm married to a woman who understands and embraces this misunderstood art form.
Here we are, the happy couple. A little older, a little wiser, and definitely better looking. Now it's time to get back to regular life . . .

May Light increase!

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Rayna said...

Happy 10th again! Looks like you guys had a great time. As I said on Jobina's blog - I love the last picture of you two - you need to blow it up and frame it!