Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy 10th Anniversary (to us)!

Today, exactly 10 years ago today I married the woman of my dreams. We were married here in Winnipeg at All Saints Anglican Church (across from the legislature buildings). I remember my bride walking down the aisle towards me and the anticipation I felt as she came closer. We told our pastor to make his sermon "passionate" and so he did; speaking directly from Song of Solomon and making Jobina blush! When he told me to kiss the bride, I jokingly kissed her hand first (nearly twisting it off I'm afraid) and then gave her a long, sweet kiss on the lips. I don't remember everything from that day, but I do remember the utter joy and happiness I felt towards God for giving me such a wonderful gift. Here's to you, honey; my soul-mate, my confidante, my lover, my friend. Thank you for marrying me and if I could, I would do it all over again. Team Westman forever!


Jay Boaz said...

Congrats, you crazy kids!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh MARK! You made me cry too! I'll never forget the "giggly" phone call home from Jobina to tell me that she met you. It was a given that she was headed straight to the altar. We liked you immediately and it was obvious that you two belonged together.
We've been blessed to watch you two these past ten years as your love and trust for one another unfolded. God has blessed you immeasurably! Happy 10th Anniversary!
Mom & Dad G.

Rayna said...

Happy 10th Anniversary! I remember that day well too - you guys looked wonderful that day, so in love and happy, and the great thing is seeing the same glances exchanged between you two now. Hope you have a wonderful time away together!

aneta said...

congratulations! I love hearing 'happy marriage' stories!

Chad said...

congrats, hope you have many many more great years!