Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Riker's Question

This is an actual conversation between Riker and I in the car today as we were running some errands.

Riker: "Hey Dad?"

Me: "Yeah, buddy."

Riker: "Are ideas dangerous things?"

I think this boy and I are going to have some awesome deep conversations in the future!

May Light increase!


Jay Boaz said...

My goodness, that very well might be the highlight of your week already! :)

What did you tell him?


Mark said...

I can't remember exactly. I basically told him that ideas were good things in general but then gave him some examples of bad ideas that can become dangerous. He's only 5 years old!

Jay Boaz said...

I know, it's crazy that he's asking such a question at that age! I was just curious what in the world you would say to that. :)


Rayna said...

Go Riker!